Newlyn International Film Festival 2018

It’s official. Closedown is an award-winning short film!

Thank you again to everyone who helped us make this film and to all the organisers and staff at Newlyn International Film Festival for putting on a great festival programme and including us in it. We are super grateful to have been shortlisted and even more so to have won.

Our spirits are raised for whatever comes next.




It’s been a while since the last update. Here at Very Long Road, we’ve been pretty busy finishing up the production side of ‘Closedown’. Now it’s editing time. Peter’s doing an excellent job so far, but it’s a long road (how apt). CH and her co-director Liam (from Baby Elvis and Chewbacca’s Beard) are¬†providing guidance and creative input throughout this process.

Here’s a little tiny taste of what we’ve got going on (yes those black bars do represent CinemaScope).

Closedown still number 1
Liam with his ‘Nosferatu’ shadow.