Hey there folks,

I’m going to be posting brief weekly updates following our adventures in no-budget filmmaking.

If you want to check out week one, you can do it here. If not, that’s cool too.



Our first live-action project.

Production has begun!

We are very excited to announce that Very Long Road is embarking on its maiden voyage into live-action filmmaking.

Closedown is filming right now in Cornwall.
…Well, not right now; right now I’m typing.

We just finished day one–or should I say night one–with more to come over the next few days, so watch this space.

You can also find us on Facebook or Twitter for sneak peaks and regular updates.

We’ve taken inventory and we can’t wait to put all this to use.

Welcome to Very Long Road’s very own toolkit:

Cameras and Lighting and Sound...Oh MY!
Cameras and Lighting and Sound…Oh MY!